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Nitric Oxide Boosters– The Total Solution for Enhanced Recovery Rates and Fatigue

Whether you are training to add muscle or to enhance your performance, nitric oxide boosters are in no doubt beneficial to you. They supply the much-needed energy for endurance and worth considering when you are structuring your supplementation plan. Nitric oxide is a compound that is made up of the two most abundant elements in the atmosphere that is oxygen and nitrogen. Elevated nitric oxide benefits include muscle building, cell signaling as well as organ protection. 
The main reason nitric oxide boosters are used in training for enhancing recovery rates and reducing fatigue is because of the role it plays in regulating blood flow and neurotransmission. Over and above, nitric oxide controls the functioning of major body organs including the lung, heart, kidney and brain that also affect your performance during physical exercise.
What Nitric Oxide Exactly Does
Nitric oxide diffuses from one cell to another through the membranes. In particular, nitric oxide combines with cyclic guanylate forming a compound known as cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP). This compound makes the smooth muscle cells to relax thereby dilating and allowing huge amounts of blood to flow though them to the tissues. This gush of blood delivers oxygen to the muscles which help in enhancing the recovery rates. Also, the increase in blood flow supplies vitamins and minerals which are crucial to healing broken muscle tissue to aid recovery. 
Eliminates and Reduces Fatigue
Fatigue is a condition that is caused by a deficiency of oxygen in your tissues that occurs mostly during exercise. Lactic acid builds up in the muscle tissue, and when its concentration exceeds a certain critical point, it causes fatigue. This is usually a burning sensation that limits you from performing your full exercise cycle. Nitric oxide boosts the supply of blood which in turn washes away the accumulated lactic acid thereby enabling you to exercise even harder and for longer times. 
Increased Energy Stores
Among the reasons why you tend to lose energy fast during workouts is that your body is trying as much as possible not to supply your muscles with oxygen so that it can preserve the energy for more critical functions. At the same time, the body needs to cool down your temperature so as to maintain a balance core temperature. This process requires energy. Nitric oxide dilates your blood vessels that in turn increases your blood flow that carries the excess heat generated during workouts. This spares the energy which is then used to power you during workouts and to enhance your recovery rates. 
Increased Glucose Consumption
The ability of your body to metabolize glucose is critical in ensuring that you generate and expel energy while at the same time burning body fat. According to research, athletes that boost nitric oxide have high levels of arginine in their blood. Arginine plays a central role in clearing glucose that is found in muscle cells so as to provide extra energy. As a matter of fact, nitric oxide supplements are said to be effective in enhancing weight loss through fat metabolism. 
Improved Endurance
Performance in athletes is dependent on how quickly their muscles can access oxygen. The faster they can access it, the longer they will last in the exercise. Nitric oxide is known as the wonder molecule which boosts the flow of blood and hence oxygen to the key muscle groups. Most athletes train in areas of thin air meaning oxygen levels are extremely low. By supplementing with nitric oxide boosters, you will improve your performance, reduce fatigue and enhance recovery rates. 
It can thus be concluded that nitric oxide supplements are the best when it comes to training and performance. You can get your supplements today by reading the many nitric oxide reviews and enjoy the performance enhancing ability that they come with. 


Post by nitricoxidebooster (2015-02-28 01:33)

Tags: boost nitric oxide

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